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Caminito Aupa


Discover under the pen of our neighbor and friend, the writer Stéphane Nolhart who was kind enough to dedicate this little text that we have emotion and honor to share with you. Have a good time with us friends!

"As you walk through the door, you can feel how the Caminito is filled with comforting benevolence.There is something in the atmosphere of this place that never fails to have a magical effect on the most desperate intimate feelings. The smell of different spirits, the carefree men discussing temperature, government, president, terrorism, football, religion or the price of bananas, his colorful friends, noisy friends, and Neighbors in love, and the glasses, never full and never empty, music flying away sometimes carried by the rattling glasses and the cascades of laughter beaded pretty girls.
Believe it or not, this whole atmosphere helps heal bruised souls.
And then, there is the great wizard of the kitchen, always at the top of his form, who concocts real gifts to gastric juices. The words alone are inadequate to give full justice to his virtuosity. Dishes to regret not having the stomach available. They disappear by melting in the mouth.
After a meal at Caminito, we feel that life will have nothing to offer.
The more hours pass, the more the good mood of the place is taken from one table to another, a friend, the other. The eyes are gently half-closed, and the lovers with moist lips of purple and mother-of-pearl already promise the boys a thousand delights.
It's time to leave, a team of fervent supporters drinks one last beer while laughing before getting into the night air. "

Stéphane Nolhart

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Family Cuisine, Fresh products, French revisited, World Cuisine

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Family restaurant, Burgers Restaurant, Restaurant "NOT TOO MUCH" Traditional


WiFi, Disabled Access

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Debit Card, Cheques, Visa, Cash, EN - Titres restaurant, Eurocard/Mastercard

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48-50 Rue du Dessous des Berges 75013 Paris 09 52 33 54 86